Frequently asked questions

Q. When are you available?

A. I am available weekdays and some weekends too, during the week from 9am till late and weekends afternoons and evenings. I only ever see a maximum of two clients a day so my diary always allows for any delays during your journey to me. The last thing I want is for you to be worrying about being late. As long as you keep in touch there won’t be a problem.

Q. Do you have a strap-on?

A. Yes I do and I love using it on you. I would suggest you invest in an anal douche though, and use it before our time together.

Q. What happens if my time over-runs: will I have to pay more?

A. No, of course not. If you have booked me for 3 hours and you end up staying longer, you only pay for what you book for.

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. My clients age range is from 18 to 84, so no there are no age restrictions.

Q. Are all services included in the price?

A. The price is inclusive of all services and all services are available at all times  

Q. Do you charge any extras?

A. Absolutely not - the price you pay is all inclusive, including all the things on my "Enjoys" list ;-). The only charges I ever add are for travelling / outcalls.

Q. Do you offer anything unprotected?

A. Oral is without, if you want, but everything else is with protection. There is no exception to that. I don’t see clients who seek unprotected sex either.

Q. Is your price negotiable?

A. No.

Q. It’s my first time with an escort. Does that matter?

A. Not at all. My job is to make sure we both have a great time. There is no pressure on you whatsoever – I will make sure everything works seamlessly. If you create a dialogue with me before your appointment by text or email, it will help you feel less apprehensive, also when we meet I will make sure you feel relaxed and welcome as soon as you walk through the door.  

bQ. I am worried about my performance ­­- it’s been a while since I have had sex

A. My aim is for you to have an amazing experience with me. There is no pressure on your part and all I need you to do is be there and leave everything else to me. I will make sure you feel relaxed very welcome and from there trust that I am a very sexy girl and my specialist subject is cock and its inner workings! Sex isn’t all about penetration and no one knows that better than me.

Q. I’ve tried calling you but always get voicemail

A. It can sometimes be difficult to get hold of me, but please persist, it is definitely worth your while! Texting can be a more immediate way of making contact if I don’t answer my phone. I can sometimes text when I can’t take a call. I also get up to 30 voicemails a day, which take a long time to go through. Alternatively, I do have a callback service where you can arrange for me to call you at a time that’s convenient.

Q. Is it true you have long labia / pussy lips?

A. Yes! and I love them being gently licked and sucked... Most guys are amazed when they see them, but say it is incredibly horny watching their member slide between them, and that it looks like my lips are holding you in, not wanting you to leave! (There may be a little truth in that one ;-) )

Q. Is it okay to take pictures during our time together

A. Yes of course, as long as you don’t use them for commercial use or post them anywhere public. I may use some in my private gallery if that’s okay with you.

Q. Other girls say I am too big: Is size a problem ?

A. My response to this is simple and isn’t meant to offend any particular girls, but only stupid girls say no to a bigger-than-average cock! Size is irrelevant so whatever you have will be perfect, I promise.You choose me based on my appearance, age, size, etc then I make our time together work. That’s what you pay for and I guarantee I will adore every inch of you and make you feel fantastic

Q. Can I cum more than once?

A. Obviously! Let’s not forget you’re paying for a service, so surely you want to make the most of it.

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